ブギーポップ, The Rumored Shinigami
The shinigami whispered of among the female students of Shinyo Academy few people know that Boogiepop actually exists. Rumors say that that Boogiepop is a reaper that kills people when they are at their most beautiful point in life. Unknown to them Boogiepop is normally dormant rising to the surface when enemies of the world appear. Boogiepops appearance and voice are ambiguous: they seem both masculine and feminine at the same time. However hidden beneath his signature black cloak and black pipeshaped hat little is ever seen of him. Straightfaced and to the point Boogiepop acts as mechanical as he claims to be. Although he is known to make asymmetrical faces from time to time. Boogiepop speaks in an archaic manner and seems fond of whistling the overture to Wagners Die Meistersinger von Nrnberg. Source: Wikipedia