Junichi Shinozaki


Shinozaki Junichi is a very happy, caring person. He is described (by some girls in his elementary school) to be a person who break promises, gets people in trouble, and copies homework. He loves soccer and was in love with Asakura Yumi, a girl who helped a paedophile teacher capture Jun to use him as bait to get Tatsuya, who the teacher was very into. In the end Tatsuya almost got raped by the teacher, but Jun ends up saving him - and so, their bond becomes deeper. Later in the story Jun is the oblivious, happy, kind of clumsy person. He cares for Tatsuya deeply but ends up hurting him and getting hurt several times before the story's ending. Jun is neither uke nor seme, since it's not a cliché yaoi - it doesn't really have uke/seme, it's more realistic, more even. Said shortly: Shinozaki Junichi is a happy, sweet, fun, devoted, caring person.