Raoul is the leader of those who live in the downtown area of Amerope, and a not-so-rough gang called "Team Thunder". Raoul constantly fights against the cruel mayor who is determined to wipe out the "filth and dirt" of his city. Raoul's net navi is Thunderman, and he highly respects Netto as a Net Battler. Oddly enough, starting in Axess Raoul does return, and visits Japan. He often teams up with Enzan, of all people. These two rather serious people do a complete 360 degree turn when they put on their "diguises" to sometimes combat evil (or knock some sense into an egotistical Netto). These "disguises" consist of ridiculus disco outfits, which are just absolutely hilarious. Ever want to see Enzan yell out "Yeah, Brotha!"? Well, now you can!