Kei Nanjou

南条 圭, Nanjo

Kei Nanjō, referred to by his fellow students by his last name Nanjō, known in Revelations: Persona as Nate, is heir to the Nanjō family fortune and is a well-meaning snob. He is followed everywhere by his devoted family butler, Yamaoka. Nanjō apparently does not spend much time with his parents, so Yamaoka's death at the hands of zombies deeply affects him. Because he and Takahisa Kandori mingle in the same social gatherings, Nanjō knows the most about him than anyone else in the party. Nanjō shows a ruthless degree of pragmatism, and has nothing but dislike for the outspoken Masao. Masao hits Nanjō in the face after the latter advises that Maki should die in order to restore order to the city. Nanjō also encourages the main character to allow a SEBEC scientist to die, as a consequence of an attempt to stop Takahisa. Nanjō wields two handed swords as his melee weapon. His long-range weapon is a hunting rifle with sight. His initial Persona is Aizen Myouou. Nanjō wears a blue scarf with an embroidered "#1" in addition to his uniform. In Persona 3, Mitsuru Kirijo mentions that the Kirijo company is no longer under the Nanjō group, referencing Nanjō's company. Nanjō is also a guest on the television show 'Who's Who', a show about previous Persona characters and what they are doing now. He is described as "a man in his 20's who is proud of his intelligence". He can be identified by all the #1 designs on his clothing.