Ichigo Amano

Age: 14 16 start of high school Birthday: January 5th Height: 152 cm Bloodtype: O The series039 main character Ichigo is a 14 year old girl who loves sweets. Ichigo was ignored by her mother for many years for having no special talent compared to her younger sister Natsume who plays the piano very well. Because she has an incredible palate one that is able to tell immediately what ingredients are used in different sweets she is spotted by Henri Lucas during a Sweets Festa. She therefore transfers to St Marie Academy in order to train to become a pacirctissiegravere like her grandmother. Her dream is to make sweets that make the people eating them smile. All the sweet princes have shown signs that they like Ichigo. She also seem to have a crush on Henri Lucas maybe her first love who she first met at the Sweets Festa. Though there are hints that she is developing feelings for Makoto Kashino. Source: Wikipedia