Makoto Kashino

樫野真, Maa-kun
Age: 14 16 start of high school Birthday: April 18th Height: 160cm Bloodtype: B One of the quotSweets Princesquot of the school who specializes in chocolate sweets. His dream is to become a patissier and make chocolate just like his uncle. His parents are a prestigious family of doctors who do not approve of his studying to become a patissier and therefore one of the conditions under which he can stay at St. Marie Academy is to always be at the top of his class. Kashino is unsociable straightforward and has a prickly character. Except for his childhood friend Andou his selfconfidence makes him reject everyone. He ignored both Hanabusa039s and the Sweet Spirits039 friendship when they met and has been mostly cold towards Ichigo because of her clumsiness and happygolucky personality.Even though he is hard on Ichigo he really does care about her. Throughout the story Kashino starts to open up more and care more about others in episode 15 Ichigo told Kashino that they are all a team and runs to find Hanabusa and Kashino along with Andou follows her. Source: Wikipedia