Satsuki Hanabusa

Name: Hanabusa Satsuki Date of birth: October 2 Age: 14 Height: 167 cm Blood type: AB One of the quotSweets Princesquot of the school Hanabusa specializes in candy sculptures and flowerbased cakes. His dream is to work together with his mother a master of Japanese flower arrangement who also a teacher at St. Marie Academy. His father was a horticulturist who specialized in roses. He died in a car accident several years before the story takes place. The bottle of rose water that Hanabusa keeps is a memento of his father. Ever since his father died Hanabusa felt that he should be kind to his mother and women As a result he loves all beautiful things and is nice to all females bordering on perpetual flirt. He also seems to be a narcissist. It is stated in the anime that he was born in the month of October. After the rose water incident Hanabusa stops looking at himself at the mirror but still kind to girls and women. Source: Wikipedia