Kyohei Kadota

門田京平, Dotachin, Monta
Birthday:Sep 15
Blood Type:B
Height: 183 cm Originally part of his own gang Kyohei is now a member of the gang Dollars. He has a nickname quotDotachinquot which is used by several characters in the series mostly Izaya and Erika. One day he got a message to join the gang Dollars. He first thought is was a joke but on the next day he saw his login name MONTA on the list of the members of Dollars. Monta originated from his last name because is also read as Mon and Ta stays the same. He and other members never saw the leader of Dollars but he has a suggestion who the leader is because there is only one person who could organize such a strange organization. His suspicion is on Izaya Orihara. Izaya was also the person who gave him the nickname quotDotachinquot. He likes to read ink and wash paintings company hot springs and watch baseball games.