Mako Nakarai

半井 摩子, Nakama
Nakama was a girl who focused all or her energy on living honestly and being an active benefit to the community in hopes that others would see her as a responsible and dependable person. Despite this the wellknown fact that her mother is a prostitute and her humorless overresponsible attitude left her no friends. Ever since elementary school any kind of hatred or dishonesty tortured her so much that she couldnt even raise a clenched fist at all of the kids who bullied her constantly having to keep to her duty and not protest in the slightest. Regardless she looked up to her mother and hoped to be able to stand proudly like she does. Nakama would even go so far as to give her mother the money she would make doing needlework. It was her mothers idea that she go to the nature school so that she would finally make some friends. Ever since the first battle she had secretly been making uniforms for herself and the other pilots but when she found out that she would be the fifth pilot she was hard pressed for time and money to complete them. She felt the quickest way to attain the necessary money was to prostitute herself and managed to convince her mothers pimp to arrange a John for her. Much to her surprise the man she met was an old acquaintance of her mothers who drove her home after buying her dinner. Her mother having found out about the plan gave Nakama her needlework money that she had been saving so that she wouldnt have to resort to such drastic measures. When the fifth battle began Enigma allowed the populace time to evacuate which coincidentally gave Nakama the time she needed to finish the uniforms. Before returning to the cockpit she found out that one of the girls who bullied her was missing and used Zearths powers to locate her teleport her out of harms way after finally standing up to her. After defeating Enigma with relative ease she stated that if she is reincarnated she wishes to return as a person just like her mother. Her storyarc ends with the girls who bullied her finally helping clean the classroom. Her chair was a plastic chair like what would be found in a school. There was only one casualty during her battle: herself. Source: Wikipedia