Daiichi Yamura

矢村 大一
Daiichi was a hardworking and responsible boy despite his gruff nononsense exterior. He dedicatedly took care of his three younger siblings: Yoshi Futaba and Santa. He accepted this task because their mother had died much earlier and their father abandoned them for unknown reasons three years ago. Their uncle on their fathers side made up for his brothers disappearance by renting a home for the four siblings to live in and paying for all expenses. Daiichi earned his keep by working as a mail and newspaper boy and for his uncles landscaping business on his days off. He chose to live separately from his uncle with his siblings so that his father would have a place to return to if he ever decided to. When he and the other main characters first got involved with Zearth he was the first to express any doubts and the first to try to leave the game before the group learned the truth of their involvement. His chair was not actually a chair but a mere floating cushion and he was lightly teased by a few of the other kids for this lack of imagination. During the fourth battle Daiichi refused to move until the citizens had sufficient time to escape a practice later adopted by all future pilots. When the battle began Daiichis will to protect his family gave him the strength to subdue Drum long enough to carry it to the bay where no one else could get hurt. His last request to the group was for Ushiro to stop abusing Kana and take care of her and for Dung Beetle to discreetly dispose of his body so that his family would not mourn him. His story ends with his siblings going to the amusement park Daiichi had protected from Drum with the tickets he had obtained for them. There were 4384 casualties during his battle all caused by the enemy. Source: Wikipedia