Koyuki Sakurano

桜野小雪, Koyuki-chan,Sakurano-san

The tough and strong-willed Koyuki has always had 1 dream, to marry a rich man! But there is just 1 problem...she has always been poor. She has to keep her grades up to be able to stay in the richest school there is. But one day when one of the test results come out, she sees that a man named Jinguu Itsuki, gets a higher grade then her. AND THEN talks bad about her family by saying "Your Ugly. You were probubly raised by low-class parents". So she kicks him in the face. Then she gets a call from her family saying that there father had left. So she runs home and guess who she sees there..Itsuki! He takes her to his house saying that he was going to pay for her school tution and her families debts. But on 1 condition, she has to work as a maid in there house until she can work off the debts! LET THE LOVE FEST BEGIN!