Genichiroh Sanada

真田 弦一郎, The Emperor
Rikkaidai Fuzoku Chuu 3rd Year Class: 3A 10 Birthday: 21th May Taurus Height: 180cm Weight: 68kg Blood Type: A Dominant Hand: Right Play Style: All rounder Shoes: YONEX POWER CUSHION21 SHT 21 Racket: PRINCE VS DRIVE Special Move: Fuu Rin Kaa Zan Favourite Food: Nameko MushroomMisoSoup Meat Hobby: Muscle Training Chess Calligraphy Family: Father Mother Older Brother NephewSasuke 6 GrandfatherGenemon 72 Fathers occupation: Office Worker Grandfather is a police officer cum kendo master Favourite Subject: History Physical Education Nothing thats he bad at Often visited place in school: Japanesestyle room Favourite Colour: Black Gray Preferred type: Asking this type of question Youre being too relaxed Appears to be happy Sanada Genichirou is the tough and strict vicecaptain of Rikkai dai. He took responsibility of the team and temporarily acted as a captain during Yukimuras absense. In the anime he also played doubles with Hyoutei Gakuens Atobe Keigo.