Ren Mihashi

三橋 廉, Ren Ren
Class: Year 1 Class 9 Position: Pitcher D.O.B: May 17 Blood type: AB Height:165cm Weight: 53kg later in series 50kg Family: Parents Mihashi the main character of the series is a nervous boy with no self confidence. He is shown to have always had this personality which seems to come in part from his father who displays some of the same mannerisms however it became much more pronounced in middle school where he was bullied by his teammates on the baseball team after gaining a place on the team apparently through favouritism as his grandfather owned the school. The other members of the team were resentful of this and felt that their reserve pitcher Kanou was far more talented than Mihashi. However Mihashi refused to give up the mound and pitched in every one of their games even when his teammates stopped trying and the catcher wouldn039t give him signs to throw. Eventually Mihashi decided to change schools for high school and succeeded in gaining a place in Nishiura. Although he felt guilty for ruining his junior high teams enjoyment of the game and thus promised himself he wouldn039t play baseball in high school Mihashi let slip that he was a pitcher and is thus dragged into the baseball club who had no other pitcher. Although Mihashi is convinced that he has no talent he has been practicing hard at pitching since elementary school and his new teammates in particular the talented catcher Abe are astounded at his highly accurate aim. When pitching he divides his target into nine sections which is said to be above the level of a professional pitcher who would divide it into four. Mihashi also has four breaking balls including unusual fastball which often confuses opposing batters. His pitches are said to be quite slow although with training from Momoe his speed increases later on in the series. Mihashi039s relationship with Abe as a battery is often strained with Abe quick to lose his temper and Mihashi fearful of angering him however Mihashi greatly respects Abe and is eternally grateful to him for wanting to be his catcher noting that if it weren039t for Abe039s skill at reading the opposing team and calling for the right pitches Mihashi could never make anyone strike out. Abe in turn appreciates how hard Mihashi works on his control and his dedication to pitching for the entire game. With his help and the encouragement of his new teammates Mihashi039s confidence in his pitching as grown slightly though he still firmly believes it would be nothing without Abe to the point that Abe promises not to get sick or injured for their three years of high school in order to be able to catch all of Mihashi039s pitches. Mihashi gets on well with the rest of his team mates particularly Tajima who always seems to understand him even when Mihashi can only stutter a few words. He was childhood friends with Hamada who he calls 039Hamachan039 and they lived in the same apartment building until Mihashi moved away. He is also close to his cousin Ruri having lived with her family during middle school though he dislikes it when she calls him 039Renren039 and is also friends with Ruri039s neighbour Kanou who was his rival for the position of pitcher in middle school. Although he became more formal with Kanou in school likely out of guilt for not giving up the mound to him Kanou has always thought that Mihashi was a better pitcher than him. They are now on good terms again and Mihashi calls Kanou by his childhood nickname 039Shuuchan039. Despite his low selfconfidence Mihashi is very stubborn refusing to give up the mound even when so exhausted that he starts losing control of his pitches and becoming upset at the idea of the team needing a reserve pitcher. He is quite guillable loves to eat and has a fear of dogs. Mihashi039s grades are very poor and he says he had to work hard in order to get into Nishiura. He loves pitching so much that his mother mentions he039s always holding a ball even in his sleep.