Lync Volan


Attribute: Ventus Main Bakugan: Altair Trap Bakugan: Wired (not official trap) Lync Volan (リンク・ボラン Rinku Boran) was part of the Vexos organization, who prefers the Ventus Attribute. He's a showoff and thinks he can beat anyone at any time. He betrayed the Vexos because he realized how evil Hydron and King Zenoheld were. He wears a green cape and his Guardian Bakugan is Ventus Altair, and later Ventus Aluze, and he did not get a new Trap Bakugan, but Wired was once his secondary backup Bakugan in arc one of Bakugan: New Vestroia. He was often paired with Volt Luster for battles against the Bakugan Battle Brawler Resistance. (Source: Bakugan Wikia) Lync is the ventus brawler for the Vexos. He will do anything to win. The only one he claims to take orders from is himself. After spying for Prince Hydron, Lync betrays him and spies for Spectra, then goes back to working with the rest of the Vexos after Mylene says that he won't get any rewards with him.