Zenmaru Ichinose

Mountain Ape

Clan: Ichinose Martial arts school: Ogame school Relatives: Ichinose Kai [older brother] Ichinose Zenmaru is one of the three students of Ogame school, other being Gama and Shinnojou. Zenmaru is barbaric person, who loves to use brute strength over tactics. Because of that, he prefers using Ogame school's Fire Katas, which emphasize raw strength. He is hotheaded and quick tempered, and he usually fights with Gama over trivial things, making it look like they are siblings. Zenmaru is a member of the Ichinose family, a clan from the land of Omika who are the swordsmasters of that Land's Damiyo.Zenmaru was called a disgrace to his family and was a "drop out" of noble Ichinose Family.He also has an older brother named Kai who defected with Jinsuke. Zenmaru carries the siginature weapon of his clan, The "Beast Sword" Kutaragi Sadanaga, an unnaturally large Odachi. Zenmaru favors the Ogame Ryu's Fire Katas, because it focuses entirely on offense, and emphasizes strong attacks.Later his skills were enhanced by Kashitarou who helped strenghthen his body while in Juuren village. He is also the weakest among the group assaulting the castle. Though now it is unknown if he is the weakest amongst the group as of now because of Kashitarou's teachings during the fight against Kiymori, user of the Lord of the Doom Fist martial art. Skills Zenmaru has incredible control over his large odachi. His key strength is the speed at which he swings his sword and is able to get back into position for another slash for a string of continous attacks. Though he does not possess the sword speed of Gamaran or Shinnojou, his sword speed is still at the Personal Corps levels.