Shinnojou Sakura


A student of the Ogame school who comes to the Haunt of Demons for the tournament's second round; he is very calm and rational. He tends to blame his own mistakes on Zenmaru and refers to him as an ape or a monkey.

Later in the series, he becomes the new leader of the Ogame school.

hinnojou or "Shin" as his friends call him is a member and Current leader of the Ogame School. He is mostly calm and doesn't easily lose his cool. He usually puts an end to arguments between Zenmaru and Gama. Shin's one flaw is he is bad at telling directions and often blames getting lost on Zenmaru. Ten years before the start of the series he was part of a school called the Itten Ryu. He was in love with the school master's daughter named Sachi and was going to marry her. This was not be as Nikaidou Misaku killed all of his schools members , the master, and Sachi. Shin was able to cut him over his eye leaving a scar. Nikaidou spared Shin and told him to become stronger so that he might kill him later. Shin later joined the Ogame School. The death of another Ogame School member named Tessai and near complete destruction of the school by the hands of Jinsuke would later be the starting point for Shin's hatred of Iori that was eventually resolved. He seems to have had some relation with Kujou Mario, Head Advisor of the Muhou School. Shin has a very calm and collected, yet very intense, and serious personality. Despite being a kind person in battle he is ruthless and shows no mercy. He is a very polite and respectable person who shows respect to most. He often refers to his oppenents especially those who tend to be weak as "Insects". In battle his personality isn't as apparent as his is ruthless and shows no respect or acts polite to most of his oppenents, only a very few being an exception. He often shows no emotion in battle. Speed: Shin is very fast in all aspects. His draw of his sword is so fast that most don't see him draw it or his slashes once it is drawn. He is so fast that he can dodge a chain of fast strikes from Banri's spear easily and close the distance between them putting Banri on the defensive in one single burst.