Sara Mudo

The younger sister of Setsuna Mudo and the reincarnation of the soul of the former Great Cherub Gabriel. Gabriel was also one of the Four Elemental Angels the Angel of Water and she vocally opposed Sevotharte039s violent actions as Prime Minister. To get Gabriel out of the way he paralyzed her with a needle and sent her soul to Earth so that she could unwittingly serve him as Setsuna039s guardian angel. When Sara dies her soul is taken up to heaven by Zaphikel to study its unusual spiritual energy signature. Metatron removes Sevy039s needle from the back of Gabriel039s neck and Sara039s soul awakens in it. She awakens blind and remains so until she is healed when she uses Gabriel039s water powers to help Raphael revive Setsuna. She is in love with Setsuna. Her soul was returned to her original body by Raphael who claims to love her. This is not true for through Sara Raphael was to realise that his true love was someone else close to him. Sara has a pure innocent heart but she has a fierce temper and sharp tongue.