Nina Sakura

佐倉 仁菜, Nina Sakureil

Nina is a classmate of Ayu. When Ayu first met her, she had lost her "magic computer," and as it turns out, Nina actually comes from another world called the Magic Kingdom! Nina is in fact, a magician, and with the help of her little computer, she can put enchantments on things and people. Although her intentions are usually very good, the results aren't all that magnificent... Nina is currently studying aboard at Ayu's school and lives with a host family (mix of magic and normal human marriage). Nina also has a cat pet, Rio, who can be turned into human form when taking a magic pill. Nina admires Ayu a lot and will do anything to try help her! Nina is also the first one to discover Kaji's true personality. She also likes to refer to herself in the third-person.