Rikuson Hakugen

Rikuson is the heir to the Riku family a family that have been protectors of the Sovereign039s Seal for generations. After his father is killed by Sonsaku he is raised up by Koumei. With Koumei Rikuson has travelled to many lands and earns great knowledge of the stars and about life itself. This has inspired him to take the name is the 039Crimson Warrior039. Rikuson is a selfless person as he is always protecting his master. His great obessesion with his master has greatly affected his way of thinking which often clashes with his comrades. However as he opens his heart to his comrades he learns of the importance of friendship and decides to protect them along with Sonken. Rikuson is the chosen one. He is engulfed by a red aura symbolising his fate as the chosen one from the Sovereign039s Seal. He is also the ultimate light.