Kazutaka Muraki

邑輝 一貴
Birthday:Dec 4
Kazutaka Muraki is the primary antagonist in Yami no Matsuei. His angelic appearance and characteristics serve to contrast with his brutal nature. Murakis psychological troubles appear to have begun in childhood with his mother and his halfbrother Saki. Murakis mother collected dolls and she is shown as treating him as though he were a doll too. Murakis love of dolls and his collecting of dolls is a motif throughout the manga and anime paralleling what he does with real people. In the anime it is suggested that Saki killed Murakis parents when they were still children and also decided to kill him. However in the manga it is not clear what Sakis role was other than disrupting Murakis childhood and Muraki describes himself as his mothers murderer. Whatever the circumstances Saki was shot by one of the familys guards and Muraki became obsessed with bringing back Saki in order to kill him himself. Thus Muraki hopes to use Tsuzukis body to bring back Saki. This subplot features prominently in the last 3 episodes of the anime and volumes 7 and 8 of the manga. Muraki is an expert manipulator fronting as a good doctor who laments over his inability to save lives while hiding his private life as a serial killer. Muraki discredits his good quotDr. Jekyllquot persona contrasting himself to Pr. Satomi in the Kyoto Arc episode 12.1 Being a serial killer Muraki has numerous victims the most significant of which is Hisoka Kurosaki. After stripping the thirteen year old Hisoka naked Muraki placed a curse on him. The curse which was untraceablemdashpartially due to Murakis having wiped Hisokas memory of the eventmdashresembled a terminal illness and Hisoka languished in a hospital for three years before eventually dying. Later when Hisoka is a shinigami Muraki forces the boy to recall the night that he cursed him. Throughout the story Muraki manipulates souls of the dead often killing the people himself in hopes of drawing the attention of the Shinigami in particular Tsuzuki. He is obsessed with Tsuzukis body both carnally and scientifically. In the manga it is clear what Muraki desires but the anime had to censor such extremes and so Murakis advances toward Tsuzuki were shown as hints of sexual harassment. Later in the anime it is shown that Muraki desires Tsuzukis body to revive his halfbrother. A respected physician Muraki has many connections throughout Japan among powerful patrons but in the anime and manga he is mostly seen in the company of his close friend Oriya and his old teacher Professor Satomi. Muraki also has a childhood sweetheart by the name of Ukyou but very little is known about her other than that she appears to draw evil spirits to her and that her health is poor. Some readers believed that because of his different colored eyes he may be a guardian of one of the four gates of GenSouKai see Wakaba Kannuki. However in the King of Swords arc volume three in the manga a scene where Tsuzuki knocks out the fake eye reveals that Murakis right eye is not real and that it is mechanical. The origin and nature of Murakis supernatural abilities remain an enigma: he is human he is alive not a Shinigami yet he raises a dead girl to be a zombie seals and opens Hisokas memory by mere touch controls creature spirits similar to Shikigami enters Meifu by himself and teleports Tsuzuki to another location.