Kazuki Shiranui

不知火一樹, Nuinui, Kazu
Birthday:Apr 19
Blood Type:0
Horoscope: Aries Height: 178 cm Weight: 62 kg School Year: 3 School Rank: Student council president Subject: Hoshiyomi Personality: Kazuki is known for his leadership ability he likes to be the No.1 of everything. There isnt a time when he isnt aiming to be the best of the best and he will work very hard to achieve this goal. Of course there are also times where he becomes tired of trying so hard but he is mostly carefree and exciting. Hell often choose a difficult path over a secure one just to challenge himself. Even after he falls in love with Tsukiko he still tends to be pushy and tries to control her with the best of intentions through his leaders instinct. He was held back 1 year because he saved Shirogane Oushiros life and instead got hurt himself. Oushiro felt guilty so he purposely stayed back 1 year as well in order to start fresh with Kazuki. Kazuki recruited Tsukiko on her first day of school. He demanded that everyone in the student council refer to everyone by their first names because it creates a sort of bond. He wants Hayato to take over his position and Hayato hesitates at first but eventually he gives in and decides to accept it. His parents died in some kind of an accident when he was little.