Leorio Paradinight

レオリオ・パラディナイト, Leorio Paradiknight, Leorio Paladiknight
Gender: Male Age: 19 21 Current Height: 193 cm Weight: 85 kg Hair Color: Brown 1999 Black 2011 Eye Color: Green 1999 Brown 2011 Blood Type: O Occupation: Hunter Medical student Nen Type: Emission Prior to the hunter exam Leorios close friend died to a curable illness and Leorio was unable to save him due to his lack of money and knowledge. Because of this. he aims to become a doctor in order to help those without the money to pay for treatment. In order to cover his tuition for medical school he decides to take the hunter exam where he meets Gon Killua and Kurapika. Leorio is also talented at bargaining being able to haggle shopkeepers to no end. He often seems brash and rude but overall he cares deeply for his friends. Leorio is an emitter although learning nen did not come easily to him.