Refill Sage

リフィル・セイジ, Raine, Professor
Refill is Genius older sister and Iselias schoolteacher. Refill is calm and levelheaded but is overly fascinated around ruins of any kind. She raised Genius from childhood all by herself and doesnt hesitate in resorting to physical violence to teach Lloyd or Genius a lesson. Eventually Virginia Refill and Genius mother sent them both through the Otherworldly Gate so that they could escape. The reason Refill and Genius were able to live in Iselia was because Refill told the villagers they were elves having Genius hide his true nature as well. Refill is the complete opposite of Genius in cooking and tends to make rather repulsive food as noted by Lloyd and several other members. She takes comments about her cooking straight to heart and usually loses her temper. Refill is a classic staffwielding healer and is also gifted with lightelement offensive spells and stat augmentations. Source: Wikipedia