Hana Asakura

Hana Asakura Asakura Hana is the protagonist of Hiroyuki Takeis manga Funbari no Uta which is set in the year 2007. He is the six year old son of Yoh Asakura and Anna Kyoyama who is now traveling with Ryu but is currently in the custody of Tamao Tamamura. He only appears in the special chapter Funbari no Uta. He works with Ryu to search for someone. Hana is once shown holding the Futsunomitama also known as the Antiquity in the English anime which may mean he can use a Giant Over Soul like Yohs. Tamao is introduced as his mother but it is revealed that she is only acting as his guardian until Yoh and Anna return. At first Hana is apparently unaware that Tamao is not actually his mother Tamao has chosen not to tell him who his true parents are until they return and she debuts as an enka singer. However in the final chapter of the KanZenBan manga Hana is aware of who his parents are and welcomes them back by kicking Yoh in the stomach. The name Hana means flower. Hanas name comes from the conjunction of the characters in Yoh also pronounced as Ha and Annas Na names. One piece of evidence that points to Hana being their son is that in volume 9 of the manga Yoh and Anna slept together the night before leaving for America for the second round of the Shaman Fight. Also Yohken asks him whether he has any children where Yoh replies No...well how can I say that? but is informed otherwise by Amidamaru. He is the main character in the new series Shaman King: Flowers where he is a teen who uses his father Yohs spirit Amidamaru. He meets the current Shaman King Hao who tells him something interesting will happen for him and disappears. Almost immediately a young girl resembling Anna appears saying she is her disciple and daughter of Silva and will marry Hana if he can beat her in a fight. Hana Asakura was probably conceived shortly before or shortly after the Shaman Fight. His true birthdate is unknown. All we know for sure is that he is the son of Yoh and Anna. From Wikipedia the free encyclopedia