Oboro was in the beginning an impulsive and somewhat egotistical bandit chief of a fort near the village of Yamayura. He is very caring for his younger sister Yuzuha to whom he would bring Tusukuru to oversee her health. When Hakuoro becomes the leader of the countrys rebellion Oboro joins forces with him and swears eternal allegiance with revenge for Tusukuru among his reasons calling Hakuoro his brother. His vassals Dorii and Guraa are always at his side though their lord/ vassal relationship is never explained. After the rebellion Oboro becomes a general of the new country of Tusukuru and leads a sort of special forces unit of vagabond swordsmen from his old bandit fort. He is constantly butting heads with Kurou over military matters and it becomes a source of comic relief. At mealtimes Oboro hates eating vegetables with a passion to the point where eating a small amount causes him to gag. Oboros main weapons of choice are two katanas that he uses in balance with his good agility making him a deadly fighter but quite inexperienced compared to the other main and supporting characters.