Mikoto Shinozaki

篠崎 ミコト, Chibisuke, Wonder Boy
Birthday:Jun 9
Mikoto Shinozaki is the main protagonist of the series a 1st year student and the third member of the schools cycling club. He is 15 years old. Originally living a quiet boring life and getting bullied daily by the upperclassmen. Until one day when Yuki Fukazawa asks him to join the schools cycling club. Though he rejects this proposal at first as he due to a childhood trauma he has forgotten finds bicycles to be scary and thus he also doesnt remember how to ride one. Hes a sprinter.PersonalityMikoto is best described as hardworking. When trying to impress his crush Yuki by riding the bicycle he overcomes his fear and works endlessly over and over again to learn. Mikoto dislikes how he currently is and tries to work harder in order to fix his problems and no longer be a burden to anyone. He pushes past his failures to become someone new. Mikoto is also noticeably strange as he does strange things at strange times. This is seen when he just starts exercising when he accidentally tripped in the hallway. Mikoto also has a strange habit of bubbling any type of liquid he has near his mouth incidentally causing him to almost drown. Despite all this Mikoto is an extremely kind and loyal person sticking with the training of the cycling club and loving Yuki despite her cold attitude to him.