Jun Aikawa

哀川潤, Humanity's Strongest, Overkilled Red, Desert Eagle, One Against a Thousand, The Storm Before The Storm, Hermit Slayer, Laughing Red Tigress, Mighty Chevalier, Sturm and Drang
The fierce Desert Eagle coated in scarlet. The unstoppable Laughing Red Tigress. Humanitys Strongest: Jun Aikawa. Renowned for her prowess in anything and everything Jun is the most powerful person in the world. Her occupation is that of a contractor and will take any job no matter how trivial or illegal it may be so long as money is involved. Those that call her by her last name are considered her enemies thus she insists friends to refer to her as Jun. Her abilities are practically limitless as a Multidisciplinary Master. Ii and Jun initially meet by pure chance and their fates become intertwined. With a strong sense of justice and a wild personality Jun can be a lot to handle for the average person and especially Ii. He is particularly bothered by Juns hatred for leaving things halfassed. On top of that Jun is a rather arrogant individual. Despite this she does value her friends and trusts them greatly. A majority of the people that hear her name fear it as many overthetop stories exist about her feats. Though some of the said feats may be completely wrong Jun is a very intelligent woman and is considered to be a genius among geniuses. As Jun is known both for her abilities and her mind that is like no other she is said to be Humanitys Strongest. Being the Multidisciplinary Master she is a master of disguise sound imitating lock picking and mindreading. Not only that but Jun also has amazing fighting capabilities which are nearly impossible to overcome.