Makoto Ariga

有賀 誠, Mako

Makoto is a boy who makes his first appearance when he and Shūichi are in sixth grade, though they are in different classes. Known as Mako-chan, though mostly only to Shūichi, he too wishes to be a girl and shares Shūichi's interest in cross-dressing; it is this that spurs Makoto to become Shūichi's only close male friend. Makoto realizes that due to his facial freckles and round glasses, he is not able to appear as cute as Shūichi when assuming the appearance of the opposite sex. Makoto wonders if his primary reason for wanting to be a girl is due to an attraction to men, something Shūichi cannot relate to; he is a romantic boy who would like to be in a relationship with a cool, adult man. Makoto comes off as being mature for his age, and is able to think calmly and objectively while providing advice for his friends. He is a good listener, allowing him to get along well with both boys and girls his age, which often leads to him being an onlooker to what is going on in other characters' lives. He is an only child and his parents run a bakery.