ウォーズマン, Voyna Mashina
Birthday:Oct 1
Blood Type:A
Height: 210cm 68 Choujin Kyoudo: 1000000 Warsman is a Robo Choujin Cyborg Superman and possessing retractable iron claws called Bear Claws. He also possesses excellent artificial intelligence and calmly judges his opponents so as to defeat them within 30 minutes. After 30 minutes his inner computer begins to shut down and smoke emits from his body. Originally he was Zangyaku Choujin Brutal Superman but after the Choujin Olympics he becomes a Seigi Choujin Justice Superman. He typically has no facial expression but when he faces a formidable opponent a creepy smile known as the Warsman Smile appears on his face. Born half Robot and half Choujin in a poor Russian family Warsman had a very rough childhood. Having been teased and ridiculed for his robotic face he grew up getting into fights with various bullies.