Ritsu Onodera

小野寺律, Ricchan, Ritsu Oda, The Ghost
Birthday:Mar 27
former 26 currentOccupation: editor of literature former editor of shoujo manga current Ritsu is a 25yearold jaded literary editor. He is the only son of the head of Onodera Publication and previously worked at his fathers company in the literature department. Hearing his fellow coworkers accusing him of taking handouts from his father he decides to show that he can be successful on his own by going to work at Marukawa Publishing. After being hurt by his first love in high school when he was 15 Ritsu vowed to never fall in love again. His resolve is tested however when he is reunited with the boy he once loved: now very much a man and his new boss It was also mentioned that he was one of Usami Akihikos from Junjou Romantica editors at his previous job. He has light brown hair and long bangs that frame the sides of his face. He has wide green eyes and fair skin. He is described by Yoshino as being very attractive and having a vogue body type with high hips and a small face with perfect features. Source: Sekaiichi Hatsukoi Wikia