Shuuei Ran

藍 楸瑛
The General of the Shaorin army. Part of the Ran family one of the two greatest clans. The fourth oldest of five brothers. A very skilled swordsman and is usually calm but likes to tease others. He was supposed to be guarding the Emperor with Kouyuu but since Ryuuki was nowhere to be found he and Kouyuu were left in the library for a month being bored. He claims to be Kouyuu039s best friend though Kouyuu keeps denying it. Shuuei is usually the one that gets Kouyuu all riled up by mentioning things like his lack of direction and his womanhating ideals. Unlike Kouyuu Shuuei is a womanizer. He often mentions how nice it is to spend time with women and was seen surrounded by a horde of women after winning the fighting tournament. He039s also a regular at the Red Light District and usually spends time with the number one woman in the number one brothel. Source: Wikipedia