Robert Haydn

Robert Haydn is a frightening person with an equally frightening power. He can boost his own natural sacred treasures by modifying them to a perfect ideal like absolute accuracy or ideal protection. The fault in this is that for every time he creates an ideal he loses a year of his life but once he creates this ideal he can use it any time he wants to. His abilities cant be used on living things however but his changes change as his ideals change such as turning his Kurogane rapidfire and/or unblockable. His level 2 power allows him to change gravity and he can also make soap bubbles that can reverse gravity too. That is also why the reason he forms Roberts Ten. They act as his brawn doing the fighting for him in order to save those precious years. He is a fairly nasty character not caring who he harms and how badly they are harmed. Like Ueki he is a Heavenly Being with more power than the gift given by his King of the Celestial World Candidate.