Karala Ajiba

Karala is the female lead in Space Runaway Ideon. She is the youngest daughter of Doba Ajiba, Supreme Commander of the Buff Clan military. While investigating the Ide, Karala heads down to the planet Solo against orders and becomes stranded there. After her alien origins are discovered she is held captive on the Solo Ship, but her good hearted nature leads her to becoming a regular crew member on the Solo Ship despite her alien origins. Although early in the series the Buff Clan constantly tries to rescue her, she becomes known as a traitor to the Buff Clan for associating with the Earthlings. The one who despises her the most is her own sister, Harulu.

Karala and Bes fall in love and near the end of the series Karala becomes pregnant with Bes's child, who is proclaimed 'Messiah' by Cosmo and Kasha. Messiah is seen as the key to controlling the Ide and defending the Solo Ship against the Buff Clan,perhaps as well bringing a possible future peace between both races.However when Harulu boards the Solo Ship during a battle,she confronts Karala only to then shoot her sister three times in the face. Despite her tragic demise, Karala and Messiah remain as a strange ethereal influence as the carnage between the Buff Clan and Solo Ship rages onwards.