Akisame Koetsuji

岬越寺 秋雨, The Philosophical Jujitsu Master
First appearance: Battle 7 Age: 3839 Height: 180cm Weight: 80kg Type: Sei Type: Katsujin Ken Martial Arts: Jujutsu and Aikijujitsu Koetsuji Akisame is the philosophical Jujitsu master and doctor of Ryozanpaku who was an old friend of Mius father Fuurinji Saiga. He was also the the first master willing to train Kenichi though he is the least considerate to Kenichis feelings. Despite his seemingly small physique he is actually known for having his muscles built to perfection. He also has very good insight on people often knowing if they are troubled or hiding something he sometimes even knows what a person is thinking which scares Kenichi. He has several hobbies and many unique abilities including being a famous and legendary artisan who has mastered calligraphy painting pottery and sculpting. He often invents contraptions that serve as both training devices for Kenichi and power sources for the dojo including a treadmill generator. He also owns an orthopedic clinic and can reset and fix bones with ease. It is from his immense skill and knowledge of medicine and anatomy that he developed his unique physical conditioning methods. His skills in the medical field are so great that he was able to save Apachais life while the latter had a hole in his side and even using tools from Shigure and performing the surgery on flight Apachais life was saved. He is known amongst doctors as the The medic demon. Theyre also quite afraid of him. He seems to hold some kind of grudge against Takedas master James Shiba as seen when James often insults Akisames mustache. This grudge held to the point of a rivalry of some sorts as the two actually bet their mustaches to be shaved should the losers disciple lose the match. Though Akisame choose to let Shiba go after seeing Shiba only shave a small amount off he became enraged and ordered Shigure to shave all the hair off his body. The one thing Akisame cannot stand is green peppers as he reacts with an expression of distaste when Kensei threatened to cook only green peppers and beef and picks out green pepper after green pepper out of Kenseis Qing Jiao Rou Si depositing them in Apachais bowl. He also has a habit of scratching his mustache after he lies. He has no trouble using his friends as guinea pigs to come up with new techniques. Akisame is also capable of speaking fluently in Russian and can even write Russian symbols well even when driving a motorcycle at high speeds.