Sara Werec

セーラ・ウィーレック, Sara Cruz, Gutsy Girl
She begins a happy wellliked and bright girl the star graduate student of the elite Grabera Spatial Armoured Infantry Research Institute. Her parents James and Annie Werec are dead and she clings to the notion of seeing her beloved brother again. However when her friends her teachers and her Mimic are destroyed by none other than Ralph himself she becomes a brooding blunt taciturn girl reduced to piloting unremarkable Gambee units. She appears to suffer from posttraumatic stress syndrome. Despite her defeat and disgrace instigated by her traitorous brother which she escapes by cutting her hair renaming herself Sara Cruz and transferring to another academy and the bullying she endures from the bitter and confused Gambee pilots Sara is completely focused on learning the truth. Her most precious possession is a musical pendant given to her by Ralph until it is stolen presumably by the jealous Isabella in episode 2 after which she finds her Emily. Soon afterwards Sara discovers that against all expectations Emily allows her to pilot a Strain again and she takes control of the Ink Strain Ram Dass. She considers Emily to be her last hope to find out the truth and hopes that Ralph will revert to the kind and loving brother he once was. wikipedia