Princess Meteor

Meteor is the princess of the Castanet Star World and went to Earth to find the prince of the Tambourine Star World but she takes the easy way of acquiring clues by following Comet instead of investigating on her own. Unlike Comets tranquil demeanor Meteor is entirely the opposite especially with her princesslike tantrums. She is loud selfish rude and allaround annoying. She is absolutely a pain if she doesnt get what she wants and gets angry very easily. True Meteor can be very cruel but she can be generous. Its a shame that she doesnt show that side very often. Meteor sees Comet as a rival and has held a grudge on her ever since Comet accidentally tripped her in the kindergarten ballet dance. She will stop at nothing to bring Comet down and always believes that Comet is plotting something against her. Though Meteor harbors an everlasting hatred for Comet she often mistakenly helps Comet without realizing it until the end. Around the middle of the anime Meteo begins to like Imashun.