Kenichi Morita

森田 賢一, Ken-chan
Kenichi is the protagonist of Sharin no Kuni. Despite being the youngest person to ever become a Special High Class Individual cadet he has already distinguished himself as a CEO and a combatant in the Southern Countrys foreign legion. Often considered slightly unhinged from the latter experience he has a habit of talking to himself and making jokes other people rarely find funny. Despite his arrogant exterior he has a strong sense of justice which often clashes with the values of the country he serves. Being an SHCI candidate Kenichi is a multitalented genius who is highly skilled in many areas such as Small Arms combat Martial Arts Business and Moneymaking and even Spelunking and possesses nearsuperhuman endurance and a charisma which endears him to nearly all whom he meets. He also has a habit of breaking the fourth wall when speaking to himself referring to you.