Breed: Akita Inu Gender: Male Gin was born in the winter in the town Ou. He was born tiger-striped (Brindle) and therefore his destiny was predetermined. He was to become a bear dog. While Gin still was a small puppy, he sees his father Riki getting thrown into a gorge and disappearing by the paw of the bear Akakabuto. Gin now starts his training as a bear dog at the old man Takeda Gohei’s house. One day in the mountains, Gin meets a strange group of wild dogs who have organized themselves to kill the bear Akakabuto. He now starts a voyage to seek out strong dogs who will be willing to help them fight against Akakabuto. During the journey, Gin becomes an adolescent and the leader of the large platoon. His sense of justice and generosity encourage many dogs to swear loyalty to him. (Source: