Sumika Kagami

鑑純夏, Rubeus, Pawn of Gedler, Cinnabun Boy 00 Unit, Oberon Eight
Birthday:Jul 7
Blood Type:O
Height: 156 cm 5 2 Nationality: Japanese Affiliation: Hakuryo Hiiragi Class 3B Takerus bubbly and klutzy childhood friend. She has a tendency to be very possessive when it comes to Takeru. The two lived next door to each other almost her entire life and she cant imagine what life without Takeru would be cherishing the memories the two have over everything. Shes always kept her feelings for him to herself expecting that nothing will change and the two will be together forever. But when Meiya enters the fray she becomes determined to be more than just a childhood friend. Perpetually positive and optimistic shes a firm believer in team spirit and despite any conflict in love she treasures her friends and is willing to do anything for them. MuvLuv Unlimited Spoilers: MuvLuv Alternative Spoilers: