Yukimura Sanada

真田 幸村
Part of the Toyotomi clan Sanada is a skilled Feng Sui reader able to derive the future from a feng sui board with ease. More than anything however shes known for her opposition of the Tokugawa clan and is a wanted criminal. She became a master general through Muneakira. Currently attending her first year at high school and appears to have feelings for Muneakira. Source: ANN Her weapon of choice is ornamental fans and when she becomes a master samurai she gains the ability the produce cyclones and great gusts of wind with them. Her outfit becomes a white schoolissue swimsuit with a kimono loosely draped over it. She is extremely conscious of her wide forehead and nonexistent chest blowingup on anyone who points out either of them. She prides herself on being a cunning strategist preferring to win battles using her intellect rather than her brawn. Her master samurai mark is on her bottom.