Don Patch

首領パッチ, Poppa Rocks
Don Patch is a happygolucky character more so than anyone else on Bobobos team. He is an orange round creature possibly a parody of Sonic the Hedgehog or Ristar. While facing extreme danger and the many powerful and troublesome threats in this world he usually keeps his chin up and either finds or says something that completely destroys the mood of the battle or makes things even more bizarre. Most of his cheerfulness comes from his hajike way of life where he must always be doing something bizarre or else hell be completely uncontrollable. Even during the most serious times Don Patch can never take anything too seriously nor can any of the other principal characters for that matter save Beauty and Heppokomaru. He joins up with Bobobos team after they take down CBlock together. Source: The Bobobobo Bobobo Wiki