Xecty Ein

ゼクティ・アイン, Zechti
One of Baelgard039s four guardians who is an artificial lifeform made by Hiruda using an ancient weapon as base. She is in fact Killrain039s sister Celestia as Hiruda made her body as Xecty using Celestia039s cells but then she ended up getting infected by the darkness and Hiruda created a dark matter to absorb the forces of darkness preventing her from further infection. During a duel with Kiriya an earthquake causes the two to fall into a cavern. Kiriya talks with Xecty and tells her the importance of hope and believing in your self forming a close bond with her. Later during the fight between Kiriya and Saionji she gets in the middle and is stabbed by Saionji sacrificing her life in order to stop the war. She explains to him that she did it in order to give hope to the world and that Kiriya is her hope. Her spirit then joins the wind as a way to protect both. She is later revived by one of the pods from the Sea Dragon King Ruins and joins the Luminous Knights. She also becomes the priestess of Astraea039s Tower of the Wind. Her soul blade is called Sword of Emperors Excelion Kentei Ekuserion. She also contains Kiriya039s Holy Grail being drawn from her Kiriya039s Ultimate Soul Blade Kykyoku Shinken. She seems to have some sort of bond with Elwyn.