Takiko Okuda

奧田 多喜子, Priestess of Genbu,Genbu no Miko

The priestess of genbu. Takiko in the Real World

Takiko was born on September 22, 1906 in Tokyo, Japan. She was raised mostly by her mother, since her father was always away travelling or working on his writings. Before she moved from Tokyo, she was very popular in school as well as an excellent student, even being chosen as class president. She enjoys doing meticulous things, and is very skilled with a naginata (a spear-like weapon). She's fairly happy and tolerant, but there are three things Takiko dislikes: octopus, thunder, and in first place by a long stretch: her father, due to his severe neglect of his family even when Yoshie was dying. When her mother, Yoshie, became ill with tuberculosis, a doctor named mr. Oikawa attempted to treat her, but the case was too severe so when Takiko was 17 they moved to her mothers hometown of Morioka. After the move, Takiko had some difficulty fitting in at the school there and often argued with the other students, but she remained a good student and tried her best to be cheerful despite her mothers worsening condition. The teachers all thought she was a good girl, however her new classmates resented her for being a big city girl. Here in Moiroka Takiko runs into Takao Oosugi, whom she'd loved since childhood (unfortunately he is ten years her senior, and a married man!). This just adds to the things her classmates dislike about her, and think her rather "loose". When Einosuke finally returns home after a two year absence, happy to have finally seen him one last time, Yoshie dies. In a fit, Takiko tried to rip apart the book that her father had been working on isntead of helping take care of Yoshie. Takiko didn't know what this book was, however, and ended up appearing in the world of the Four Gods where she was to becomethe Genbu no Miko. Takiko is very strong, both physcially and mentally. She's intelligent, witty and likes to know where she stands. She is also a proud young woman, who is more than capable of fending for herself, and isn't about to let any man get away with mistreating, belittling or underestimating women. She is skilled with a weapon, and doesn't care for societal norms. Because of this, she has no prospective suitors (despite her family's attempts), but really doesn't care since she doesn't want to get married, especially if it's to a man who expects her to act "appropriately" and "delicately". However there is a downside to all this. Takiko is quite lonely. She's isolated from her father, her mother has died, the man she loves cannot reciprocate her feelings, and she has no close friends at her school. So while she's very smart, and very strong, she is emotionally weak. This plays an imporant role once she finds herself in the Shi Jin Ten Chi Sho. She has very little connecting her to the real world (even more so without even her mother to care for), and thus accepts the challenge of being the Genbu no Miko.

Takiko as the Priestess of Genbu

When Takiko first finds herself in the Universe of the Four Gods she is scared and confused, which allows us to see her strength; she'll fight anything for anyone, no matter who or what it is. After a little chaos, and despite being well aware of the threats and dangers, Takiko agrees to become to Genbu no Miko. She wants more than anything to know that she's needed, and fullfilling a prophecy is just the thing she needs! However her overall motivation remains weak. She is the Priestess for the whims of others, as well as for the hope of using a wish to revive her dead mother. It's not until much later that a return visit home allows her father to convince her not to try and revive the dead with the power of the book. She is uncertain of her role as priestess at first. Despite her determination, the death threats and total chaos of this whole vague process of finding the warriors leave her feeling somewhat nervous. This determination does not stop her from doing her job as priestess though. In fact, she does it marveously well. Every single one of her seishi have had some huge emotional barrier preventing them from willingly joining her, however each time she rises to the occasion. She talks to them, comforts them, accepts them, and even fights them on some occasions. As time goes by she becomes more confident and more enthusastic about her role as Priestess. Her ability to connect with her seishi is the sole factor that enables these people to come together. Each Seishi has a remarkable respect for Takiko so although the group of Genbu seishi seems to be awkward (and full of conflict), it doesn't take them too long to begin working as a team, despite their differences. Uruki, unpon meeting Takiko while chained to a piller about to be eaten by mosters, is initially impressed and amused by her courage... or stupidity. Ignorant of who (s)he is she helps him, and even after she learns of his crimes, she tries to protect him. Although their relationship is quite turbulant for a long while, they even fall in love. In a round-a-bout, I-hate-you-screw-off sort of way. Uruki becomes the pillar of emotional support that Takiko has been craving. He lets her fight her own battles, but is there for her when she needs him. Tomite's first run is with Takiko is taking her hostage to use as bait. Very charming. Takiko right beats some sense into his head with a large stick, and then more so by his mother. Being such a mamma's boy, Tomite is the first to accept Takiko as the priestess and help her search for the other Seishi. It's because of his generous family that Takiko is able to realize that the Priestess of Genbu is needed, making her accept the role on her own terms. Hatsui felt safe enough around Takiko to open himself up to the world for the first time in years. She is a sort of mother-figure for him, and he greatly admires her ability to be both kind and strong. Because Takiko has allowed him to go out in the world again, he can be himself and do what he loves, and he'll follow he to the ends of the earth. Namame is very difficult to reach, emotionally. Given that he's a rock. Again Takiko had to endure some extensive phsyical and emotional pain to get him to accept her. He follows her perhaps with the hope of having someone he can speak to, and is always around to protect her from harm when no one else can be there. Later in the series he is able to 'speak' simple words to Takiko, and it's clear that he is determined to do everything in his power for her. Hikitsu and Takiko don't really interact very much, but Takiko was the one who helped him and Tomite fix things with their past. Hikitsu's pretty quiet though. We can assume that he'll protect her no matter what now that he's agreed to follow her. Inami was a difficult person for Takiko to win over. Since both of them are strong-willed and capable of fighting, it seemed that they would not get along. Inami thinks Takiko is young and truly naive if she thinks she can make the world better by summoning Genbu, however Takiko's determination and compassion convinced her to join the Seishi. Inami sees in Takiko herself when she was young and hopeful, and is perhpas willing to make sure Takiko's dreams don't fall apart as her own did. Urumiya and Takiko got off to a bad start. With the whole, "employed by the enemy" and rather conflicting interests. He even kissed Takiko in an attempt to steal away Takiko's "priestess powers" (of which, Takiko reminds him, there really aren't any). He's got his own goals in mind, and is happy to kill everyone in his way, but he has descreetely helped Takiko after she loudly proclaimed she would be the one to save his other half, along with some other non-smart attempts to win him over, so maybe he's secretly cheering her on and will help her out once he's out from under Temudan's thumb.