Ryner Lute

ライナ・リュート, Feruna Lutelu
Frequently appearing to be lethargic sleepy and unmotivated Ryner is the protagonist of the story. He has black eyes and hair and is of slender build is naturally talented in magic handtohand combat arts of assassination ancient lore languages and symbols and the bearer of Alpha Stigma ? an ocular ability which grants him the ability to analyze various forms of magic. Alpha Stigma bearers when activating their powers have a pentagram with reddish hue appearing over their pupils. Because of this ability in a world where magic forms differs from country to country and is a closely guarded secret he has learned and acquired magic originating from different countries through battles with their mages. Although the Alpha Stigma are the weakest and most common type out of the five types of Cursed Eyes Magan? primarily because the bearers dont live to adulthood to fully utilize their potential before they are slain after going berserk usually at a young age Ryners eyes are no ordinary Alpha Stigma.