Yukiya Ayase

Age: 18 Birthday: January 2 Horoscope: Capricorn Blood type: B Height: 160cm Weight: 46.2kg Shoe size: 24.5cm Family members: Was living alone after Junior High. Now is living with Kanousan. Occupation: 1st year university student. Personality: Gentle leisurely and sometimes restless. Easygoing yet really stubborn. Hobby: Thinking about gardening recently. Likes tomato or eggplant. Special Ability: Kanji official approval 2nd level. Is planning to take Chinese Language official approval test. Highest Education Completed: Is a University student right now. An eighteen yearold boy who was betrayed by his own cousin Tetsuo and was auctioned off to settle Tetsuos debt. He was bought by Kanou for 1.2 million yen and had to pay off the debt by having sex with Kanou for 500000 yen each time. He had lost his parents at a young age and had a lonely childhood. Gentle and very naive he has a hard time expressing himself to people and is not very good at socializing. He tends to keep to himself and to act aloof towards people but Kanou has forced himself into his life. He also has a knack for getting in trouble mostly because he does not realize that men tend to feel a very strong sexual attraction to him when hes around. He is confused about his relationship with Kanou and often feels guilty that he is involved with another man. In the manga he is currently trying to change his personality to be a bit more outgoing and more sociable. Gaining Kanous permission he is currently working parttime as a kitchen helper in Someyas bar. In the released artbook an interview with him shows that his motto is you can go far little by little and that he washes his left arm first when bathing. Source: Wikipedia