Kaoruko Someya

染矢 薫子, Okama, Shinobu Someya
Age: 24 Birthday: May 30th Horoscope: Gemini Blood type: A Height: 175cm Weight: Secret Shoe size: 25cm Family members: Father Mother two older brothers. Occupation: Running a restaurant. Hobby: Loves beautiful things but abusive. Special Ability: Normal permit Highest Education Completed: University The twentyfour yearold okama who is Kanous childhood friend. He owns an Okama bar and is currently employing Ayase as a parttime kitchen helper in the manga. He apparently loves his father very much even though his father objects to him being an okama and opening an okama bar. He loves beautiful things and tries to improve the relationship of Kanou and Ayase by giving Kanou tips i.e: giving Kanou a book titled How to take care of small animals because Ayase tends to resemble a small animal according to Kanou when he was trying to get Ayase to open up to him. Though whether it was meant to be a joke or not is unknown and by eventually becoming the couples counselor of sorts. He always speaks abrasively to Kanou and often intercedes with him in favor of Ayase. He refers to Kanou as danna Japanese for Master which is an informal way to refer to ones husband. In the artbook it is said that his most expensive item owned is a longsleeved kimono which costs 3.3 million Yen. Source: Wikipedia