Cecilie von Spitzberg

フォンシュピッツヴェーグ卿シェシィーリエ, Cheri, Celi
The previous Maoh and mother of Wolfram Conrad and Gwendal each with different fathers. Although initially Cecilie seems to be rather airheaded she is actually very astute and intelligent and a very caring person. Having been replaced as the Maoh by Yuri Cecilie takes advantage of her open schedule to hunt for men on her free and easy quest for love. She has displayed interest in Yuri though she remains one of the chief supporters in his engagement to her son Wolfram his older brother Shori and even her childhood friend Raven. At one time she wanted to marry him much to her brothers chagrin. Cecilie is also quite powerful and has admirable skill with the whip. When fighting she has the uncanny ability to quickly dress in red leather and mask. This form and her skill tends to scare her enemies and if they ever meet her the second time they are usually unwilling to fight her again. Cecilie likes flowers and grows new types of them in the Blood Pledge Castle. She also names them examples being Beautiful Wolfram Secret Gwendal Conrad Stands Upon the Earth and Cecilles Red Sigh and also in season 3 she makes a new one which she called Filled with Yuris Naivete She can take control of situations easily and effectively however and cares for her sons deeply despite her cheerful personality. When Wolfram temporarily dies she is devastated and throughout the series she can be seen doing her best to protect her sons without directly interfering. Cecilie goes by the name Celi which is pronounced Cheri in Japanese. Because of that some fans call her Cheri while others use Celi Pronounce as Tseriortselli accurately in Romanization of Japanese. Both spellings are acceptable however and thus depend on personal preference. Source: Wikipedia