Hiroshi Nohara

野原広志, Hiroshi, Hiro, Harry
Father of the Nohara family from Akita in Northern Japan and its sole source of income. He met Misae at the age of 29 and after dating for around a year the two wed. He is a loving father to his two children and ultimately a devoted husband. While he is the family breadwinner he hands the reins of finance over to his wife who maintains a totalitarian level of control on family spending. At age 35 he is a stereotypical Japanese salaryman working eighthour days enduring overstuffed trains enjoying the occasional nightlife and giving every bit of his take home pay to his wife every month. While his relationship with his family is positive on the whole there is an abundance of recurring conflict. He and his wife bicker on many different things from how little he gets for spending money every month to whose turn it is to give the baby a bath. Misae is also notorious for inflicting violence on Hiroshi whenever she gets very angry usually when his gaze wanders to younger women. He often dreams about being a playboy while he sleeps as an escape though this is usually interrupted by some external stimulation. He enjoys a playful relationship with his children but sometimes theyre the source of his daily woes. He loves a cold beer after work and shares Shinchans appreciation of TV shows with young women in skimpy clothing often getting too excited about it for Misaes liking. He will not hesitate to save his allowance for things he wants but can be seen spending much of it to buy his family creature comforts. A running joke is made of the pungent odor of his feet and his socks are often used as weapons by other members of the family. Source: Wikipedia