Suguru Kinniku

キン肉スグル, Kinnikuman
Born to Mayumi and Sayuri Kinniku the king and queen of Planet Kinniku on April 1 1960. Suguru was so stupid looking even as a child that on several occasions Mayumi would have an urge to strangle him just from looking at him. On one fateful day The royal family went on vacation to Earth. While there a pig snuck on board and got in Sugurus cradle. Mayumi mistook Suguru for the pig and threw him out of the ship. Suguru was left behind on Earth to raise himself. He built his own house and tried to go to school but he was so stupid that he flunked out of school and his house had only one room. As he got older he decided to become a hero like Ultraman. But despite his muscles and strength he was too clumsy and stupid to make it so he settled for just being the president of the Gyuudon Lovers Club. Whitout hisinner burning strength or fire wich helped him evolve and become stonger in each battle he tookbecause of that power five evil goods feared him he has other secret powers like when he takes of his maskalso when no one sees he releases some healing or purification powers like cleaning poluted water or healing his friends. Thats also might be a reason why members of Kinniku royal family must not show their real face and have allways be put mask onexept for family members. In manga chapter 326 is revealed that power is called Face flash which possess Kinniku clan members.