Gracia Ul Naga Saillune

白蛇のナーガ, Naga the Serpent
Naga the Serpent is Lina039s rival and companion through the first four movies and both OVAs. She acts as a constant annoyance for Lina due to the fact that she is more eh... well endowed and she never lets poor Lina forget it. She is a very powerful sorceress but faints at the sight of blood and is quite clumsy. Throughout their adventures Naga and Lina often end up on opposing sides and have to fight but they always end up traveling together again. She always wears a tight leather outfit with spikes and skulls adorning it. Another defining characteristic of Naga is her loud obnoxious and very distinct laugh which she takes great pride in and will often try to tutor others to have a more powerful laugh similar to hers.